Thursday, May 10, 2012

Potty Training Update

Home girl is doing fantastic! I had to employ a "Tiger Mom" potty training strategy only 2 more times. First, she had a major accident at Old Navy even after I repeatedly asked her if she wanted me to take her to the bathroom. Poor Girl. I had to take her to the bathroom, screaming/crying "I'm so sorry mommy!" to clean her up. She had to carry her Thomas the Train underpants to the trash and throw them out herself and leave the store with out the intended reward. Lots of crying. i did find out though, I would rather an accidental bowel movement then wet. Wet can ruin shoes! After that, she had another random accident in the kitchen. Cue cold shower and Elliott having to clean up her pee off the floor herself. At that point I had already decided to start up a potty chart. SO I let Elliott know that if she stayed dry for a whole week I would take her back to the store (Old Navy) and buy her the treat she wanted (which was a GIGANTIC Sugar Daddy - sweet mercy!) AND GUESS WHAT?! SHE DID IT!! And she really did it too. Our poop problem is gone. She has been having daily (multiple!) bowel movements and taking herself to the potty. She still gets a treat for having a bowel movement but it has gotten smaller - From a chocolate bunny to a jelly bean. She also gets a Jelly Bean or Gum for outstanding cooperation in general. I keep up the talk about "listening to your body" and it will tell you what you need to do. Going further and taking about "toots" and sometimes "toots" are our body telling us we need to go potty has been helpful for her. I tell her before she gets a treat for using the potty AND after why she is getting her treat (because you listened to your body and used the potty) and I ask her to repeat to my why she is getting the treat. Periodically (ahem, constantly) during the day I ask her where she goes pee pee and poo poo. She shouts me the answer - sometimes happily, sometimes annoyed, sometimes with a silly voice. TODAY WE WENT BACK TO OLD NAVY! SHE EARNED HER REWARD! Why Old Navy? You wonder. They have a entire section of under 5 dollar junk toys + candy. I let her pick one of each. My friend Jamie takes her son to the Dollar Store that is also a great idea. I just took her back to Old Navy because it was a point of refrence for her to be thinking about all week as we chatted. We had a ball looking at all the junk. She chose a willy wonka like lolly pop over the sugar daddy in the end and a cup. I was proud of her for not freaking and wanting it all. She really does have a lot of self control. (ie if she is given a treat of some sort she will say, "I will eat this when I am in the car and driving" She has her own internal delay of gratification. Hopefully she will be a good saver :) I told Elliott I would take her back again next week if she has another dry week. So week two of the potty chart begins. For those who read this, grandma's aside, you are crazy...but maybe it was helpful for your own potty training attempts?


The Thackers said...

Helpful! My problem is I need to find something that really motivates her and then the other thing I need to do differently is talk about it CONSTANTLY. Luckily her birthday is in September (she'll be 4), but she doesn't start school for two more years. I figure that gives us a little time to get it all figured out. She does great with pee, it's just the poop that lands in the underwear first and then the potty!

Grandpa Greg said...

I am very impressed with your training skills. Tiger Mom indeed!

Jamie Onken said...

I read it all even though I already knew most of it but was still entertained and impressed!