Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm icing my crotch right NOW

Hey Jamie!

My mom has pretty much had Elliott since Tuesday when I starting having contractions - cuz I just did not know when I was going to blow. I miss her tons. Of course I have guilt about it. At the same time I know she is doing great and it is harder on her to interrupt the nice little routine she has at my moms. e.g. Today they are making banana bread and going to take Elliott to get her hair cut. Last night they went to an arcade. Seriously, she is having a good time. I saw her at the hospital, she came by for a bit last night and we will see her at dinner time tonight. She may or may not sleep over at my parents tonight.

When I saw her at our house last night I was nursing the baby. She promptly took her "Big Sister" shirt off and wanted to nurse her doll. Then she tried to nurse (as expected). We had to have the talk about how she gets to eat pizza, ice cream and other good things. Reese does not, she only gets milk (from mommy's boo boos). Convincing her she has it better. I don't think she is convinced. I heard her crying to Jeremy that she wanted milk in a baby bottle...

When we drove home from the hospital I called to talk to her. She asked me "are you still my mommy?" well, that made me die. When I saw her yesterday for a bit I started to cry but I tried to hold it together because i know we are all going to survive and we will all be better for having Reese around. She really is pretty awesome.

I decided to tack this note onto our blog because I thought it was a good little slice of what's been up. Its been harder to talk about because typing thoughts vs. actually forming words and speaking seems far easier!

Oh, and she totally pooped just now.

Love, ME

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Mom: Do you know where milk comes from Elliott?

E: Grass

Mom: interesting guess. Milk comes from cows.

E: Yeah (excitedly). Out if their noses!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lil Camper!

Elliott's first day of camp at The Center School! She was so eager to
go and I was so sad about leaving her there!

Have Fun Little Bear!