Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We are moving ... virtually.

We are attempting a move to Tumblr since our posts have become shorter and shorter as our kids have grown.

Our new virtual address is: http://blanchardthehut.tumblr.com/

First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Elliott,

Today is your first day of kindergarten and you are MORE than ready to go. We established a little routine and it seemed to work out well. You found comfort in the routine and had recited it a few times the day before and then in the morning...almost like it was a countdown to go to school: One Show, breakfast, dressed, school.

I laid out two outfits for you to choose from - we did a little mix and match and you were ready! I was a bit relieved since sometimes, when you are nervous (or when you are not nervous :), it seems, you fuss about your clothes. Once you were dressed you were so ready that you were concerned that you might be late! I guess years of me worrying about that have rubbed off. (sorry:)

Papa and Suki came by to walk with us. Suki gave you a special charm for your Princess Backpack.* Suki put the charm on your pack and gave you a big hug. She and Papa are so excited for your new adventure to kindergarten!

We all walked down the street together - You, Daddy, Papa, Suki, Reese and Mommy. We met up with the neighborhood kids too. You were so excited you ran ahead a bit to walk with Emma and Jack and then slowed down to walk holding Abby's hand.

We walked down a sloping path to where the kindergarteners enter the school. You were so excited to go inside that you were rushing forward. I held you back for a moment, gave you a kiss and off you went. They took your hand and had to take a seat on the floor with all the other kids.

I peeked down the hall from where I was outside and saw you there: sitting with your back pack between your sparkling princess sneakers looking around. Not scared, not sad, instead, curious, wondering.

And as I sit and type about my little girl, with tears of love for all that you have given us; I too am looking around, curious and wondering. Perhaps we have a lot more unity in this separation than I ever considered before.

I love you sweet girl. I'll see you at 2:30

*The back pack you chose from the row of possible options we had placed on the floor of Khols. (papa and I were rooting for the blue tinker bell backpack but you wanted pink pricesses all the way!)